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These 15 Sports Are Really, Really Dangerousa

12 — Hockey

Hockey players tend to be hit against the board which leads to all kinds of injuries, broken concussions, bones, and so on. In addition, some players lose their teeth, broke their arms from slashes and KO other players from time to time. In addition, these players tend to get knocked on their bottoms a couple of times per game.

11 — Football

This game is really dangerous with players getting hurt, scratches and bloody noses from their drills, and this can happen even in the game. Moreover, you might even see an ambulance from time to time entering into the field to take away a player. These injuries tend to put football players in a hospital for many weeks.

10 — Wrestling

You might get your leg broken by landing on someone else`s arm at least 50 times during just one practice. This sport is so dangerous you have to conquer fear in order to succeed. Broken bones, injured back and necks, concussions and dislocated shoulders are quite common as a result of this activity.

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