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These 15 Sports Are Really, Really Dangerousa

9 — Boxing

Boxing has a brutal science behind it, as half the sport is hitting and the other half is just getting hit. As the goal of this sport is hurting physically your opponent, you can know understand the dangers of this kind of activity. In addition, the brain may get a lot of problems over time thanks to this strenuous sport.

8 — Racing

Do you want to know whether racing is dangerous? Think of Senna, Vogler, Clark, Peterson and other greats who have died while racing. No other sport features so many deaths in its history. Since these guys go at such a high speed, pavement tends to be even more dangerous from every angle they might hit it.

7 — Motocross

Motocross is one of the most dangerous sports out there, as anyone may fall from up to fifty feet at 40 mph. In addition, this sport almost guarantees that you will suffer any kind of injury over time. You may break your arm at any time. A rough terrain might cause your motorbike get out of control, which will bring about any kind of trouble.

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