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The 15 Cutest Animals on Earth

We love to have fun from time to time, and cute animals provide us with that kind of pleasure. So we are going to write a little bit about some of the cutest animal on Earth. Dolphins, pandas, and peafowls are some of the cute animals we are going to talk about herein.

15 — Dolphins

Dolphins are very loyal, charismatic and intelligent. In addition, these cute animals use echolocation to get a prey by making a thousand noises per second, which is pretty interesting. To communicate, dolphins use a complex system of whistles and squeaks. Dolphins are also very social, living in pods of up to 12 dolphins, though their body structures and sizes vary depending on location and specie.

14 — Peafowls

Peafowls feature extravagant covert feathers you will love right away. They display their feathers this way as part of a really interesting courtship ritual. Peafowls also use their thorns or metatarsal spurs while fighting against other peacocks to obtain territory. The Indian peafowl is really beautiful, featuring iridescent green and blue plumage that makes it almost shine.

13 — Macaws

These New World parrots are really beautiful thanks to their colorful, long-tailed body. They are native to the Caribbean, South and Central America. Macaws have their fourth and first toes just pointing backward, which is rather funny. However, they are endangered in their natural habitats needing help to stay alive, as deforestation has been carried out at a fast pace.

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