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The 15 Cutest Animals on Earth

12 — Swans

Swans tend to remain married for life, but “divorce” sometimes occurs when one of the mates is killed by a predator or following any nesting failure. In addition, swans are considered as one of the largest flying birds on Earth, and you will find them in any temperate ambience out there. They also feed on land and in the water.

11 — Hamsters

Hamsters are cute rodents that tend to remain underground while in the wild in order to avoid being killed by predators. Many scientists use hamster as laboratory animals, because they are easy to breed while in captivity. Hamsters love to live alone, and they will fight against any other hamster if housed together.

10 — Toucans

Toucans are really cute birds featuring large, colorful bills. Their bodies are compact and short with rounded tail which varies in length. Their hallmark is their large bill measuring more than half their bodies` length in some species. In addition, you will see many toucans in Central America, Mexico and South America as well as the Caribbean.

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