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The 15 Cutest Animals on Earth

9 — Sea Otters

The sea otter is a mammal native to the Pacific Ocean. Although they are considered as one of the small marine mammals, they will weigh up to 99 pounds. In addition, their fur coat is the densest in the whole animal kingdom. Fisheries and sea otters tend to have issues regarding prey species, as the latter use them as food.

8 — Persian Cats

Persian cats are really awesome, cute cats featuring long hair, round face and a shortened muzzle. This cat is very popular in the United States, Britain and France thanks to its unpretentious and placid nature as well as beauty. Persian cats are ideal pets for living in apartments as they adapt quite easily to these places.

7 — Gouldian Finches

The Gouldian Finch is endemic to Australia and a high number of them are bred in captivity, especially in Australia. Both sexes feature bright colors with red, yellow, green, and black markings, though females appear to be less brightly colored. The female`s chest is somewhat mauve and the male`s chest is purple.

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