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The 15 Most Expensive Sport Out There

6 — Pentathlon

Pentathlon is another expensive sport as you will have to spend money on five sports at the same time. Riding is the most expensive part of this activity as you will have to purchase a horse, and horses are not cheap at all. Moreover, you will have to pay for gun maintenance as well as jumping equipment.

5 — Wingsuiting

Wingsuiting requires you to wear a special jumpsuit to jump your body on the air. Your equipment will add volume to your body in order to give you a better lift. In addition, you will have to pay a lot of money for the costs of all the activities associated to getting into the air and then back on solid ground. These costs are so high that only the elite can afford to pay for them.

4 — Bobsledding

Bobsledding is so costly that you will have to get sponsorship in order to be part of a competition if your surname is not Rockefeller. In addition, bobsleds are also expensive costing tens of thousands of dollars. Training is also very, very expensive as there are only a few runs for this sport in the world. Moreover, building a run for this activity costs millions of dollars.

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