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The 15 Most Expensive Sport Out There

3 — Hot Air Balloon Racing

This is another expensive sport, since you will have to pay tons of money for these balloons and related equipment. To give you a short example, people pay up to $300 an hour just to ride on these devices. In addition, just one balloon will cost around $20,000, which will be designed just for one passenger. Moreover, you will need to pay for additional equipment, and the cost is not low at all. In addition, storing any hot air balloon is pretty expensive, and this is not the same as parking your truck. Inflating these balloons is also expensive, since you will have to pay around $900.

Include in your calculations costs related to storage fees and navigational devices. In addition, you will have to pay for a chaser crew in charge of inflating and deflating the balloon. Remember that you will have to pay a $1,200 insurance premium each and every year as well as competition fees which tend to be pretty high.

2 — Ski Jumping

To compete in ski jumping, you will have to spend lots of money. For instance, skis tend to cost around $2500, and you will have to add in the training required to participate in this activity. To practice this sport, you will have to get access to ski jumps, which are not cheap at all. Ski jumpers will have to spend up to $100,000 a year to practice this sport.

1 — The Whitianga Festival of Sports

This festival takes place is New Zealand, and all its activities are related to speed. And they are not cheap. For instance, you will need to have an helicopter and many other expensive motor vehicles. Helicopter race and powerboat race are just some of the competitions taking place in this event. Buying and maintaining any of the equipments required for this competitions is really expensive.

We have talked about some of the most expensive sports out there. Equestrian is a elite sport that will require you to spend tons of money and the same is true for polo. Polo is very interesting, as you will have to buy multiple horses just to replace a tired one. Remember that these sports are created only for the elite, so stop trying to keep up with the Jones.

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