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    9 Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets That Actually Work

    6 — Move More!

    Jessica Simpson is not the biggest fan of intense exercise, but she moves a lot. Moving means almost anything: walking, for example. Jessica logged about 9,000 steps every day in order to lose weight after her recent pregnancy. Simply going for a walk every day will produce better results than you probably think. You don't need to put a lot of effort when you are working out if you don't like that; Jessica is the walking example (pun intended).

    5 — Figure Out Creative Ways to Squeeze in Workouts

    Jenna Dewan Tatum has said that she lost her baby weight through short and frequent mini-workouts that she did a several times every day. One of those mini-workouts include doing calf raises and lunges while rocking Everly, her newborn daughter. You can do this too, even if you don't have a baby. For example, you can try doing 10 squats every time that you open the fridge!

    4 — Relax!

    Christina Aguilera loves Reiki. She says that this old Asian practice has helped her to lose weight. There's no scientific evidence that proves that Reiki is a good weight-loss approach, but it is true that being constantly stressed out does not help one bit with anything, and statistics show that higher levels of stress and higher bodyweight tend to go together. That's why this weight loss strategy may suit your needs best if you think that your are under more stress than you normally are. Even if it doesn't help you to lose weight, at least you'll feel more relaxed.

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