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9 Celebrities Who Demanded Weird Things Backstage

The things that celebrities say, demand or ask for while out of the vicinity of the cameras will shock you. Not only are they outrageous, but they are outright weird - things you will not imagine until you read and see that they were actually asked for. This is a piece of information we pulled directly from a celebrity website named ''The Smoking Gun''. They have a number of leaked backstage documents highlighting the various weird requests that celebrities demanded before hitting the stage. We hope you catch your celebrity unawares in our list of 9 celebrities who asked weird things backstage.

9 — Beyonce

Queen B demanded that her dressing room maintain a temperature of 78 degrees - and chicken legs were also to be present. She needed them heavily seasoned. Some rose-scented candles needed to present too. However, no coca cola products were supposed to appear anywhere, except Pepsi (due to her agreement in the contract).

She demanded a large table meant for catering, covered with white clothes, 4 brand new face and body towels, and room temperature kept at 78 degrees. Her chicken was to be seasoned with garlic, black pepper, seasoned salt, as well as with cayenne pepper. She also needed steamed broccoli - seasoned with spinach and green beans.

A CD player would have been an ideal gadget inside her dressing room, plus a lighter for the candles was a must-have.

8 — Eminem

Your favorite rapper isn't too expensive to maintain as you'd imagine. Other than giving him food, fruits and water, he only needs access to some gym weights so he can workout his physique. All he wanted was access to 25 pound dumbbells, 6 bottles of Schweppes, a loaf of white bread, a loaf of wheat bread, Daisani water (no Evian), some lunchables, 16 cans of red bulls (sugar-free), and a jar of banana pepper rings. Again, you'd do well if you could provide some diet coke of any amount.

7 — Jay Z

Like you may have assumed, his dressing room is not as complicated as that of his friends. He needed 7 dressing rooms at 72 degrees temperature. He also needed a large couch, a love seat, 48 cases of Fiji water, 6 cans of coca cola and red bull drinks, 6 bottles (vitamin water), a jar of peanut butter and grape jelly, and a hot water kettle (preferably ceramic). Unfortunately, all requests he made for alcoholic drinks were shaved from that list.

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