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9 Celebrities Who Demanded Weird Things Backstage

6 — Lady Gaga

It appears she loves smoothies more than anything else. You see, she wanted a smoothie station where she was supposed to get dressed before the show. Above all, she needed a wine opener with two bottles of white wine (Robert Mondavi preferred), a pack of straws, TV/DVD player, unscented candles, tea kettle, lemongrass tea, organic ginger, honey, 4 bottles of red bull drink, hot dogs, a smoothie station with whey protein and frozen berries blend, as well as a mix of assorted fruits (must be citrus, or must have edible skin and seeds).

5 — Alicia Keys

She would be fine as long as she had all water in room temperature (both Aquafina and Evian). Then she would also be fine if they provided chocolate almond milk, as well as tuna fish sandwich - she only eats fish and veges. Therefore all she needed was 3 cans of white tuna, 7 sets of metal silver ware, glade candles, 6 packs of oatmeal (with brown sugar & apple cinnamon), 2 cases of beer (one domestic and one imported), and an Italian restaurant to order food for her. To complement her demands, she also needed blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and an apple.

4 — Taylor Swift

Her tour bus was an equivalent of a dormitory full of students. She insisted that she wanted the driver to make a pit-stop to Starbucks as long as it was not 11am. So if they were to arrive before 11am, then the demands weer to be as follows:

One grande ICED Americano, 1 grande ICED caramel Latte w, and a slice of pumpkin. To complement it, she asked for one stick of butter, 3 boxes of craft macaroni, two 4 packs of red bull drink, 12 packs corona beer, grape juice, avocado, chocolate brownie frozen yogurt (Pint Ben & Jerry's), and a bag of Twizzlers red licorice.

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