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9 Celebrities Who Demanded Weird Things Backstage

3 — Mariah Carey

She wanted 8 tall green leafy plants, 2 vases of white roses, Joe Malone candles and drapes around the perimeter. All rooms were to be draped with black drapes only. Again, the entry door was to lead the way into the living area, and not the dressing room. Temperatures were to stay at 75 degrees. Then she demanded a three-seat couch (with no decoration). Any color was accepted. Among her list of drinks and foodstuff, she wanted 12 bottles of diet coke, 3 bottles of Chardonnay (chilled), 6 bottles of sparkling water, 6 red wine glasses, 6 white wine glasses, fried chicken, lemon and honey, and 1 liter of Fiji water.

2 — Justin Bieber

His list is among the most weird things that celebrities ever asked for. He asked for a plate of Swedish fish, tea, and an XS t-shirt. He also demanded that all rooms be maintained at temperatures falling between 68 and 75 degrees. Then he said he needed 2 cups of water and 2 cups of ice, 1 case ginger ale, and 2 cases diet coke - all on ice. But this wasn't enough. So instead, he went ahead and demanded a professional iron box and ironing board, a quality steamer, and a vicks steam inhaler. Lastly, all his food needed to be clean and covered by a clear plastic wrapping. Then a private room would also suffice.

1 — Kanye West

He requested for a Carmex lip balm, a barber's chair, shower shoes and a wide range of alcoholic drinks. In addition to these, he requested for Tube plain yogurt for dipping, Yoplait yogurt, 750ml of Sky Vodka, 6 bottles of Heineken beer, 750ml of Hennessy liquor, a box of toothpicks, two packets of extra chewing gum, and a bowl of salted pistachio nuts.

Everyone is entitled to demand what they want as long as they are qualified to demand it. But as far as we know, some of these celebrities might have gone too far. But that is just that - what your favorite celebrity asks for behind stage.

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