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10 People You'll See At Every Movie Theater

Sometimes it is best to go to a movie theater when there's no one there. If you can get a really early matinee or a very late showing then you can certainly enjoy whatever it is you want to see without being irritated by some of the many people that you will be stuck with seeing at every movie theater these days. The worst part is that these people can show up at practically any movie that you go to. With that in mind, here's a look at the many people that you might find at such a theater. These ten people are all real hassles that will do nothing but ruin a good night for you at the movies.

10 — The Kicker

The last person on this list is the kicker. Naturally, it might be tough to notice that there is someone in the seat in front of another as some of these stadium-style seats are rather large and tall. Still, a person who kicks the seats at a theater can be really annoying and will bother anyone who just wants to watch a movie. It is one thing to do this if the theater is nearly empty but it is another story when the theater is filling with a bunch of people. It is even worse if this is an adult who is doing all the kicking and is annoying someone at the show.

9 — The Questioning Moviegoer

Sometimes people keep on asking questions while at movies. They seem like they have to question every single thing that happens in a movie no matter how trite or silly it might be. They don't ever bother letting to moving be or even allowing the movie to play out in order to answer the questions that one might hold. It's as though that person does not have much sense and is willing to ask practically anything these days. What's worse is that these questions are often ones that are not going to be answered all that easily by anyone.

8 — The Bothersome Family

It's clear that people need to get others to look after their children while in a movie theater. Many parents still bring their kids to the show even if it's for an R-rated film. This can really be annoying to anyone as the child might start crying, asking questions and even running up and down the aisles among other things. This is annoying and outright inappropriate when you consider some of these films that parents are bringing their kids to. It's no wonder why some theaters are being rather strict these days when letting younger people into R-rated films.

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