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10 People You'll See At Every Movie Theater

4 — The Narrator

The Narrator is a person who will tell someone in the theater everything that is happening in the film. This is annoying in that people can clearly see what is happening during a film and really don't need any form of assistance with figuring out what is going on. This type of person can really be annoying and will end up being more of a hassle to those who want to watch a movie than needed.

3 — The Reader

The Reader is a person who tries to read and recite things on the screen as they show up. This person can be rather bothersome because it is clear that everyone knows how to read. The worst part is that this person can be a real hassle if you're in some theater that shows a foreign language film with subtitles.

2 — The Excessive Laugher

It's fun to go to a comedy for some real laughs but the problem is that there's always going to be that one person who laughs far too much and might end up being rather loud. The worst part of the excess laugher is that it's a person who might end up being far too loud with laughing even in some of the more serious moments in a film.

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