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15 Failed Jobs

Have you ever seen an outdoor advertisement being placed upside down? Or perhaps it has just happened to you to stumble across a door that was way too small for anyone to fit in? These are just 2 examples of failed jobs, where although people were given simple tasks to complete they just couldn't do it. With this in mind, we present you a collection of 15 absolutely hilarious photos showcasing failed jobs. Some of them will easily have you wondering: how the hell did this happen?

15 — Hmm... Interesting!

It is always good rank up among the top 3 in a competition, but when you receive a medal like this your reasons for joy may be diminished. So, unless you live in a country like Zimbabwe where people don't really pay much attention to English, you should by no means show this medal to your friends.

14 — Should I Enter Or Not?

When you are undecided about whether to go to a place or not, signs like this do nothing else than distract you further. So, you would better think twice before taking an action which you may regret after. And for you dear officials, remember to always label doors accordingly.

13 — Spelling Is a Difficult Job

Here is further proof that even people who paint the asphalt should go to school more often than they currently do... Otherwise, things like this come up mostly as inevitable in the absence of leaders.

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