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15 Failed Jobs

12 — No Free Coffee Today...

Everything has a price in this world and the photo above clearly demonstrates it. Thus, if you are going to the library and expect for something warm to come your way, then better have some spare cash in your wallet. Otherwise, you will be stuck to reading books and nothing much besides.

11 — This Simba Right Here Looks Like He Got Rabies

Yes, definitely this is one lion who doesn't just look fine... Someone call an animal ambulance maybe? You never know when these cases aggravate and the other lions get infected too... Always good to be cautious!

10 — How Do You Get To Eat These?

Ok, I am aware of the old system when you simply had to insert a coin and waited for the small bubble gum or prize to come out but this is insane. I mean, a whole package of Skittles or M&Ms stuffed inside that machine? People seriously have to rethink this system or I'm afraid someone might get angry enough to smash it...

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