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15 Failed Jobs

9 — A New Type Of Milk Carton

Hmm.. it seems like the new type of milk cartons are even easier to open than old ones.. I can only hope they are still sterile and that no one random had a taste of them in the deposit or at the supermarket. Hey you, go away from that box, I want to buy it!

8 — Shouldn't These Be Vertical?

Twix and KitKat are two of my favorite in-between meal snacks. However, it never happened to me to stumble across two differently lined-up bars. Wondering who felt asleep during the production process that day and if there are more erroneous products out in the wild... well, I will still enjoy my KitKat.

7 — Worst Architect Ever

I am thinking that this staircase could only represent two things: either an avant-garde project or actually a very poorly designed staircase. Since it leads to a wall, the only way people could use it is for exercising or for a different panorama view. So, if you are into that, you might actually consider a similar project too!

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