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15 Failed Jobs

6 — Is This Like a New Generation of Eggs?

When I was a kid eggs only came in 1 color: white and they were usually white and small. However, it seems that the new generation of eggs is a lot bigger and resembles colorful bottles of different kinds. I really wonder how these eggs taste like and if you can use them to prepare an omelet...

5 — A More Modern Batman

Batman is obviously not what he used to be anymore and proof resides in this photo which showcase a normal school bag. However, the school bag is only apparently normal as all those who look more carefully get to see a mix-up of Batman and Superman. Obviously, someone hasn't watched enough Marvel and should definitely have a recap of both Batman and Superman movies... because products like this are not something you would normally like to have at school.

4 — Hey, That is Not a "B"!

Even with the level of automation nowadays and with the technological aids which we can all benefit from mistakes still happen. And when they happen, someone has to support the costs, in most cases being a consumer who isn't paying attention to what he buys. Example lies in this photo where the letter which should be "B" is in fact a weird triangle. Wondering who is going to buy this...

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