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15 Failed Jobs

3 — Teresa Kennedy and Ben Kisha

Looking at this photo you instantly realize that Teresa Kennedy and Ben Kisha can't really be twins, but then again... what are they doing in the same photo? Someone obviously messed things around in this photo album and now no one is really able to find the real photo of Teresa Kennedy... nevertheless, a funny addition to this photo gallery.

2 — No, Windows Should Never Be Designed Like This....

If your home has windows like all the other normal ones, then you know this is not the way how windows works. Who can really tell what was in this person's mind when he created such a window? All we can tell is that you never wanna be around when winter passes by... In fact, a tent might sound like a more tempting idea to you.

1 — Is This How Her Head Should Look?

Apparently, someone did an extremely poor job when setting up the tiles for this mural painting. This is one of the reasons why you should never consider drinking when attempting a difficult project. You never know when something can go wrong and the whole project takes an entire turn to the left... And you certainly don't want your guests to assist to some kind of monster painting.

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