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10 People You Will See At Music Festivals

Music festivals are really popular these days with Coachella, Bonnaroo, South By Southwest, Lollapalooza and many others being really big names. The world of festivals has been growing just as well as things like Atlanta's Music Midtown, Raleigh's Hopscotch and the ever-rising number of EDM festivals shows.

However, this does not mean that everyone at a festival is going to be great to be around. You've got to be aware of some of the people you will see at one of these music festivals are like before you plan your trip to such a spot.

10 — The Private Box Guy

The private box guy is the type of person at a festival who is going to sit at a private spot and act like one is all snooty and smart. That person will feel overly privileged and will do whatever one can to show that the person is above everyone else. This can include drinking fine liquor, wearing flashy designer clothes and even pulling up to the festival in a fancy luxury car. It is as though that person is taunting everyone by showing off all the riches that one already owns and wants to really be a bother to everyone at the show.

9 — D-List Celebrities

You might hear lots of stuff about big-name celebrities showing up at many music festivals. However, the problem with many of these celebrities is that they are often going to be at the private spots and secretive places at festivals and will be away from the masses in their private boxes among other spaces. In short, you are more likely to see the lesser celebrities who are only going to be visible. These include the stars that are just there just because they have money.

8 — The Recorder

Many people will try to record the shows they see on their phones and try to upload them to YouTube. This is not only illegal but the quality is not all that good to begin with. You might think that you're doing the world a favor by recording that Lorde concert but it's only going to bother people. Besides, there's a good chance that a professional company might have recorded a Lorde show and got her approval beforehand. The people in the crowd who record this stuff don't have permission for doing so.

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