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10 People You Will See At Music Festivals

7 — The Guys Wearing Banana Hammocks

Have you seen that music video from LMFAO where everyone is wearing banana hammocks? The men who wear these often think that they are sexy and that they do know it. However, what they do not know is that they are only going to turn people off as they go around wearing these things.

6 — Wannabe Hippies

Many people will dress in tie-dye stuff, wear bright sunglasses and have cut-offs and thing that they are cool as modern-day hippies. However, these people are often ones that have forgotten about what the conceit of the hippies of yesteryear were really like.

5 — Music Snobs

Music snobs are people who think that their tastes in music are better than yours. They will over shun those who just come to see the Black Keys, Kendrick Lamar or Jack White and instead head over to watch some lesser-known acts like Parquet Courts or the War on Drugs. There is plenty of room for all of these bands to exist and in many cases people can learn about some of the better lesser-known groups at these festivals. However, it is never cool to see someone who thinks that they are better because they prefer bands that not everyone else knows (although some of them you should know about. Have you heard Lost In the Dream or Sunbathing Animal yet?).

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