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10 People You Will See At Music Festivals

4 — Frat-Boys

Not all college-age males are going to act like the stereotypical frat-boys featured in movies like Animal House, Old School and all those direct-to-video American Pie-branded films. However, many of these “bros” are still going to show up shirtless or without sleeves and with fully shaved chests and often ready to get drunk and maybe even take in whatever drugs are flowing around. Naturally, these are people who are going to show up at EDM shows at these festivals (then again, they could pop up just about anywhere these days).

3 — The Overly Prepared People

It is one thing to bring a bottle of water, add some sunblock and even sneak a little poncho in your pocket before a festival. It is another thing to have some folding chairs, lots of energy bars, two or three fanny packs and one or two of those CamelBak hydration backpacks with you at a festival. A festival is not supposed to be like some kind of excursion where you are going to be climbing up a hill. It can be annoying to see these people because they often take up far too much space at a festival in some of the worst cases.

2 — The Rock Star Parents

Many parents will bring their children to music festivals. They might try and look like they are the cool parents on the block. However, the truth is that many of these music festivals are clearly not for children. The drunk or high people, loud volumes and the explicit and sometimes offensive lyrics heard at the shows clearly make it so there's no reason to bring children along. (This goes double if you're at the Rock on the Range heavy metal festival.)

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