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12 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

Fashion is magic, and it can indeed create magic for everyone. If you choose the right style and color, it can make you look thinner and taller, exactly the way you desire. Not everybody can be 6 feet tall, but that does not mean you cannot look tall. Confident attitude, good posture, and of course the right dressing style can surely make you look taller. So, let us now get to discover few tips that can help add to your height.

12 — Wear Pointy Flats

You cannot of course wear high-heels everyday, for every occasion. So, on days when you beautiful petite ladies cannot wear heels, wear pointy flats. Shoes that have pointy toes helps lengthen your spine, and thus make you appear taller. So, do get yourself some nice pointy flat shoes the next time you are on a shopping spree.

11 — Chop Your Hair

Long hair can make you look even shorter, and shorter hair will do the opposite. A long wavy bob looks best as it shows your neckline and shoulders, thus making you look taller, and smarter. You can also go for even shorter haircuts, a gamine-esque pixie, or a very sleek chin-length bob.

10 — High Waist Bottoms Do Work

This is true. High waist bottoms can really make you look taller than you are. They help elongate your lower body, and thus help you appear taller. Be it shorts, skinny jeans, or skirts, if it is high bottomed, it can make you look taller. You can team it up with a tailored blouse or slightly cropped top to get the perfect look.

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