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12 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

9 — If You Are Slimming Down, Tighten Up

Here is yet another way you can look taller and thinner – wear tight clothes. If you are working on yourself, why not show it. You need not wear something so tight that you cannot bend down or find it difficult to sit, just tight enough to show your curves and create long lines. If you like wearing baggy clothing, remember, they only make you look shorter, wider, and sloppier. No matter what your height or size is, you are a woman and are sexy, so flaunt it.

8 — Pick a Color, Stick to It

Monochrome outfits are best for you because they will help create a long line of color and thus make you look taller. Wearing different colors together shows precisely where your different body part begins and ends, and thus can make you appear shorter. Dark colors like dark tan, deep red, purple, navy, dark grey and black can make you look thinner and taller.

7 — V-Neck Designs Are Great For You

While the boat and round neck deigns should best be avoided by petite women, V-necks are a life saver, and can actually help increase your height vertically. Shirts and tops with V-necklines can give the impression of a leaner and longer torso. So, next time you go shopping for a new blouse or top, pick the ones with V-necklines.

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