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12 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

6 — Over-sized Bags Are Not For You

If petite women carry over-sized shoulder bags it cuts half their height length and also looks strange. So, no matter how many colors you have them in, no matter how great they look, get rid of all gigantic shoulder bags from your wardrobe. Give them to someone, or simply discard them, but do not carry them if you want to look taller.

5 — Diagonal and Vertical Stripes Are Best For You

4 — Avoid Wide Belts Even If You Love Them

Wide belts might be in fashion and might look great, but sadly, you must avoid them. Even if those belts can look great with your dress, they will only cut your body into halves, and thus will make you look shorter. This, however, does not mean you cannot wear belts, just opt for skinny ones, which are also trendy and look equally great. They, in fact, define your waist in the best possible way, without dividing your body into two.

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