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12 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

3 — Flared Jeans to Look Taller

You would be glad to know that fitted jeans that have a distinct flare at the bottom can easily help you look taller, as they create the illusion of longer legs, particularly when the hemline hits just at the top of your shoes. However, make sure that the waistband of your jeans fits perfectly on your natural waist, and team it with a waist-length top. If you are slim, then you can even tuck in your top to get the perfect tall look.

2 — Select Shoes That Have a Low Cut Vamp

Do not forget this important tip the next time you go shopping. Shoes with low cut vamp immediately make your leg look longer when you are wearing dresses, shorts, and skirts. Not just longer, these types of shoes also make your leg appear thinner.

If you do not know what is a vamp, it is a part of a shoe that cuts across the foot right at the front. A low vamp will cut across the base of your toes, and a high vamp will come up to your foot, and reach possibly up to your ankle. If you can find a pair that matches your skin tone, then it can help create the illusion of mile long legs.

1 — If You Plan to Keep It Short, Keep It Really Short

If you are petite, then you must be aware of the fact that if you wear dresses or skirts, you should either keep it super short, or super long. Knee lengths and calf lengths will never add to your height, so they should best be avoided. Since mini skirts show more skin, they help make your legs look longer. So, the next time you go shopping, buy at least one short dress or short skirt.

So, these are some simple ways you can look taller, and even slimmer. Just do not forget, no matter what your height is, or what your body type is, you are beautiful, attractive and sexy. While following these tips do not forget to carry your confidence, and you are set to grab all attention.

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