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Where's Everyone Going In 2015?

Don't we all just love a little bit of travel here and there? We all want to head out to a variety of fun spots around the world because we all want to get away from the daily grind of life. Well, there are many popular spots around the world that are expected to be very popular this coming year. The odds are you might be interested in a few of these spots yourself.

10 — Dubai

Dubai has quickly made its way into being one of the top travel destinations in the world. This is thanks to how it is a high-end spot for an extensive variety of activities from shopping to dining to sailing among many others. The Dubai Mall is clearly the top spot for shopping in Dubai, what with it being larger than any other mall in the world. The artificial islands on the gulf and the massive Burj Khalifa tower are especially big among people as popular sites to visit when looking for things to do around this city. However, it is best to be careful when preparing a time to visit as temperatures can easily get into the triple digits on a daily basis during the summer season.

9 — Prague

Prague is famous for having some of the most amazing riverside eateries and cafes around the world but it is also known to be home to many attractive spots like the Old Town Square and Municipal House. This part of Europe is especially known for being a good gateway to many other popular spots in Europe, what with it being so close to the central part of the mainland in the European Union.

8 — New Orleans

New Orleans is a popular spot for partying, what with there being so many popular bars like the Maple Leaf Bar and Pat O'Brien's out here. There are also some important sites to take a look at when going around New Orleans. These spots include some of the many famous cemeteries around the region as well as many beautiful sites like the St. Louis Cathedral and the City Park. It is an especially busy spot at the beginning of the year as more parties are held within the city around this time. The annual Mardi Gras celebration right before the Christian Lent season is especially one that is exciting to watch and to take part in.

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