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10 Places You Should Visit Before They Disappear

Earth is full of wonderful places that everyone wishes to visit once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, some of these places are on the verge of getting extinct in the near future. So, it is our own responsibility to protect them from all the possible harms, if we want to cherish them for a long time. But, as they say that the thing which is destined to happen, will happen. And there is a possibility that some of the wonderful places on Earth might be no more in the coming days. So, it is better to visit and enjoy those places before they disappear permanently. Here are the top 10 places you should visit before they become extinct:

10 — The Galapagos Islands

The first place on the list is the Galapagos Islands which has seen a tremendous growth in tourism in the past few years. The Galapagos Islands are home to 9,000 different species of flora and fauna. More than three-quarters of the reptiles that inhabit this island are unique species found nowhere else in the world. Although, this excess tourist visits have increased its popularity, it has also been a disadvantage to the place. Unfortunately, the tourism is endangering the paradise that inspired Darwin to his Theory of Evolution. A large number of tourist visits year after year has caused a lot of stress to the ecosystem. The smuggling of endangered species of animals and the arrival of the non-native ones have only added to the problem. It will be better to visit this exciting place and enjoy its beauty before it is too late.

9 — The Maldives Islands

The Maldives are beautiful islands, best known for their vacation trips. Experts estimate that this beautiful heaven-like place of 1,200 islands to the southwest of India has less than 100 years left. The reason being the swallowing of the lands by sea. Almost 80% of the Islands are only 3.3 meters above the sea level. Damage to coral generated terrain and a general rise in sea level could possibly make the Maldives Islands uninhabitable very soon. The threat is so serious that the country's president has announced a restructure plan in 2008 for saving this important tourist attraction from getting damaged day by day.

8 — The Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef is believed to be the only living structure visible from space. Unfortunately, this amazing place is also under a lot of stress from the outside ecosystem. The increase in the level of pollution of the planet has caused an increase in the acidity of the sea water. This, along with the increasing has resulted in the death of the coral in the past years. If proper care is not taken, then this wonderful place of the Earth will become extinct soon and our future generations won't be able to cherish it.

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