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10 Places You Should Visit Before They Disappear

7 — Venice

Mostly known as the place for romantic couples, the Brackish substrate which supports the buildings of Venice is sinking at a rate of 1.5 mm per year. The sea level has risen at a rate between 4 and 6 mm in the same period. If we add these two factors, the extraordinary canals of Venice are estimated to remain for only 70 more years on the surface. The Italian Government and the international community are busy to slow down this process by means of canals and floodgates. If proper measures are not taken quickly, then there is a chance that Venice could become an underwater city. It is advisable to visit it once before the city gets endangered.

6 — The Dead Sea

The dead sea is considered to be the world's largest Salt Lake. The water is so salty (33.7% salinity) that bathers do not sink even if they want to. The Lake has a depth of 337 meters, but over the past 40 years, it has lost one-third of its volume. The primary cause is the over-exploitation of the Jordon River by the people Jordan and Israel, which is the only source of water to the Dead Sea. If both countries continue at this pace, Lake will disappear in the coming fifty years. So, it will be better to enjoy this extraordinary place before such a thing happens

5 — The Alps Mountain Range

The mountain range of the Alps is the backbone of the tourism in Central Europe. However, the Alps mountains are getting covered by dense masses of ice, snow, and numerous glaciers. This ice is melting at a fast rate. Over the last thirty years, the Alps mountain range has lost more than 20% of its mass. If this thing goes, it will not be very suitable for skiing and the beauty of this place will lose its importance forever. It will good to experience the enjoyment of skiing in the Alps mountain range before it is too late.

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