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10 Places You Should Visit Before They Disappear

4 — Madagascar

Before human beings began exploring Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, it had more than 300,000 square kilometers of jungle. A large variety of unique plants and animals used to live on the island. But today has just over 50,000 square kilometers of jungle is left because of the continuous deforestation in the past years. If deforestation continues at this rate, it is believed that there will not be nothing left on the Madagascar Island in the next 35 years, and the species of the island (80% are unique) will disappear forever. So, go and visit the island before it becomes extinct.

3 — The Rainforest of the Congo

The Congo River is 4,700 kilometers long and its basin is the second largest on the planet after the Amazon forest. According to the United Nations, two-thirds of the forest may disappear before 2040 if urgent measures are not taken. The factors affecting this area include forest fires, mining, poaching, guerrilla activities, indiscriminate logging, and illegal construction. Unfortunately, some of the countries that make up the area are among the least stable of the world and its visit is not desirable considering the safety. The basin is reserved for adventurers.

2 — Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park, located in the mountains on the border of Canada had more than 150 glaciers 100 years ago. But in 2005, it had only 27 left. These too, are expected to disappear by 2030. Global warming has caused a major change in the appearance of this place, which was believed to have more than 260 species of birds and 62 different species of animals. We can still visit and enjoy whatever is left there.

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