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7 Threats That Could Destroy The Human Race

Humans are quite satisfied with the technological advances over the past years along with the social progress. However, there are some threats that could dispel humanity from the Earth in a certain period of time. All the luxuries that the humans are enjoying can turn into tragedies because of natural and man-made reasons. The fact that nature has changed many faces over time makes us feel that anything can happen in the next moment. The technological advances have not only benefited the humans for so many years, but have also caused grave hazardous problems. Here is a list of 7 possible threats that could destroy the existence of the human race on Earth:

7 — Super-Volcanoes

According to Professor Bill McGuire, director of the Benfield Hazard Research Centre at University College of London, the Earth experiences a super-volcano about every 50,000 years. If this happens, the surrounding can be covered with ash and the sulfuric gases can be injected into the atmosphere directly, creating a thin veil of sulfuric acid around the planet that would not let the sunlight reach the Earth's surface for years. There will be less light than on a night of the full moon. The global damage of a super-volcano depends on where it occurs and how long the gas cover the atmosphere. Taupo, in New Zealand, was the most recent region to be hit by a super-volcano, 26,500 years ago. However, the most damaging super-volcano in human history was in Toba, Sumatra in Indonesia, 74,000 years ago. It took place near the equator and caused the temperature of both the hemispheres of the Earth to remain low, continuously for five to six years. This resulted in icy conditions in the tropical regions. A super-volcano in 12 times more likely than with a large meteorite impact. There is a 0.15 per cent probability of it to happen in this century. There is a possibility that the Amazon rainforest might be region to get hit by a super-volcano, as estimated by the experts. If such a calamity happens, it would cause a terrible loss to the human race and the Earth would no longer be a place for human survival.

6 — Robot Attack

According to Hans Moravec, research professor at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, The robotic controllers have increased in complexity (processing power) over the years. With more and more advancements in the robotics industry, the day is not far when the robots will begin to live as humans. It is predicted that by 2050, there will be robots with brain power as humans, with capacity for abstraction and generalization. These intelligent machines will learn from us, grow with us, share our values ​​and objectives and can be seen as the children of our mind. Not only will they take care of our home, but exert complex tasks that currently require human involvement, such as diagnosing diseases and recommending a cure or therapy. However, there are chances that the robots might rebel against and remove/subjugate the human race. This might lead to a tense environment as the humans would fear from their own creation. If this thing happens, it will be a great loss for humanity.

5 — Nuclear War

Theoretically, it is believed that a nuclear war could destroy the entire human civilization. With the recent advancement in science, a few countries like America and Russia have become successful in developing hazardous nuclear weapons. Countries in the Middle-East, India, Pakistan and North Korea have also developed some nuclear weapons. Of these, North Korea is the most worrying, with a conventional army and a loose trigger, which could start a war by accident. Citing the harmful effects of a nuclear attack, the United Nations has called for an international restriction on the use of nuclear weapons. Although the possibility of a nuclear war is low, it cannot be avoided completely because of the fanatical extremists. A nuclear war can lead to a more harmful impact than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

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