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9 Interesting Folder Names Guys Use to Hide Their Porn

Let me be the one to break it to you: every guy watches porn. Your partner probably has a weird folder on his computer for his porn stash. Some guys like to hide their porn from their women because they are scared that she might find it or just don’t know what her reaction will be when she realizes that her sweet-angelic-can’t come up with more than 2 positions during sex-boyfriend watches XXX movies. A useful tip for the guys would be this: don't hide your porn because women have an instinct to investigate. I'll tell you right now... women are damn good at this job. You need to spare yourself the trouble bro! The following are some of the weirdest and funniest folder names your boyfriends and/or husbands use to hide their secret hobby. Sit tight ladies!

9 — Star Trek Trivia

Who would want to spend 5 minutes of their life going through a Star Trek Trivia? There are only 2 types of people in the world who would want to sit through this a) sci-fi nerds and b) sci-fi nerds. Guys use a favorite 'Oldie but Goldie’ movie reference they know their girl absolutely hates to name their porn folder. It is much easier for females to skip through the 'Star Trek Trivia’ folder and hop on to a work related folder during their search. Next time you’re going through your man’s computer, watch out for the 'R2-D2 specs’ or the 'Sylvester Stallone all-time favorite Rambo movies’ folders.

8 — Random

Let’s give a slow clap to the guy who uses the word 'random’ as a folder name because he is trying to suggest he randomly keyed in 'hot babes’ into Bing, and then 'randomly’ started looking at hundreds of naked ladies on his laptop. Well done bro! Sadly enough, men aren’t as creative as you think ladies. They can use the simplest names possible to hide their collection right under your nose. The folder 'random’ might be resting right on his desktop. You have probably seen it once or twice and thought it was some silly video his colleagues shared with him during his lunch break. Check again ladies!

7 — Famous Civil War Generals

You have got to appreciate your man for his creative skills here ladies. This one’s a winner! He knows you have a terrible taste for History so you wouldn’t spend your time reading or looking at whatever stories or pictures you’re expecting to find over in the 'Famous Civil War Generals’ folder. Plus you could always visit the museum and learn about all the generals instead of going through them on a computer.

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