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9 Interesting Folder Names Guys Use to Hide Their Porn

6 — New folder (2)… (Really dude?)

This is the kind of folder name your man turns to when his creative juices aren’t really flowing on that particular day he stumbled upon porn he deemed worth re-watching. Why do they feel the need to save it? It’s not like the internet is about to run out or that video and/or sexy pic is going to disappear. I bet they aren't as smart as you or I to discover that this tactic could actually save them a lot of trouble… the girlfriend kind of trouble.

5 — System Files

You have to give your man credit for this one. Everyone knows how complicated system files are. This is the main reason why we always avoid them. People never open system file folders because they want to avoid the trouble of trying to understand something that is clearly out of their league. You don’t count as an exception to this rule. If you saw a folder called 'system files’ on your boyfriend’s computer, would you bother checking what was on it? Neither would I!

4 — Junk No One Cares About

If ever there was a folder used every so often for porn, it would have to be the 'junk’ folder. This is because guys name their porn folder 'junk’ thinking no one is ever going to go through it. Sure enough Cousin Molly, mom and Aunt Judy won’t look at the Junk folder twice, but you, the crazy girlfriend, are going to jump on that baby like a wolverine. If you don’t consider yourself the crazy girlfriend, ask yourself this: 'why am I reading an article on the interesting folder names guys use for their porn?’

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