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9 Interesting Folder Names Guys Use to Hide Their Porn

3 — Yin and Yang

This one is just plain hilarious. Let me tell you what your man is trying to achieve by naming his folder 'Yin and Yang’. He is trying to make it sound classy enough to show you his intellectual preferences and serious enough to make his mom, Cousin Molly and Aunt Judy completely uninterested in a concept they don’t have the time to get into. Similar names would be 'Politics of the Universe’, 'Alien Shenanigans’ or 'Supernatural’. You have to give him a hand here ladies. Not many men can come up with this kind of stuff.

2 — Music---Fun Stuff---Personal Stuff---Stuff I Like (or any other deep locations possible to hide porn)

Let me tell you how this one works ladies. Your boyfriend will create a folder in his music folder that will look absolutely misplaced. This will make you click the folder out of curiosity. You will then find another folder within it which is named "fun stuff". This could make you a little curious seeing as you want to know what other things your man considers fun (other than the ones you already know). There is another folder within "un stuff"that leads to another folder and another and another. The task of opening all those folders will wear you out before you actually get a peek into your boyfriend's mind. However, if you have time to spare, you will finally arrive at the surprise destination otherwise known as "My Porn". Now wasn't that journey worth it?

1 — And the finale…“Definitely Not My Porn”

As I mentioned earlier, guys are really not that creative. This one thought he could give this name to his folder and end up not sounding any sirens. Only a non-thorough girlfriend would miss the evident green light that stands out on this page. Tough luck buddy!

Next time you are looking for his porno you know what to keep an eye out for. These are the most hilarious folder names guys come up with to keep their hobbies on the down low. Why they choose to continue creating these funny storage solutions is beyond me. They must have not caught on to the little magic the internet presents and the wonder that is: delete my browser's history.

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