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Six Kinds of Women to Avoid This Year

Life is about choices. In the dating world, men exercise this privilege repeatedly. Today's man must screen a pool of potential candidates before finding the perfect match.There are those who are right for and there are definitely those who are wrong. Please pick wisely. The best way to begin this process is knowing the types of women to avoid. Below are just but a few that you should stay away from this year.

6 — The Party Girl

This lady is care free, a little bit wild, and extremely interesting and above all she is the life of the party. On a closer look however, you will realize that her life rotates around partying and clubbing. While you are guaranteed a good time from the start of the party to the end, it will be quite another story when this girl sobers up the next day.

Her comical antics, extremely sociable personality and probably best dance moves are only good in a party setting. But the Party Girl doesn’t know when and where to stop. She certainly has an underlying problem. It’s difficult to have a long lasting relationship with a lady who is hiding a lot of problems beneath her partying persona.

5 — The Bitter Girl

This is the queen of sadists. She is the kind of woman who sees the worst in every situation, and how everyone has mistreated her. Dating this woman can only be compared to eating lemons everyday of your life. Your once-optimistic nature gets overwhelmed by her perpetually gloomy outlook and daily dose of misery. Her bitter nature could be as a result of past hurts, but then, why should she live in the past?

4 — The Indecisive Lady

She is sweet, smart, well mannered and above all extremely gorgeous. You probably think that you have landed the one.’ This lady however is very indecisive and from the moment the two of you meet she will lean on you for all important decisions in her life, from what she has to wear to that dinner with clients in her office to what she cooks for supper. You cannot rely on this girl if you are about to make an important decision in your life. She lost all decision making capabilities the minute you met. What good then is a girlfriend who cannot help you when you need her most! You need a woman who can make decisions that make sense: a woman who is confident and carries herself in a befitting manner. An indecisive lady is far below this universal standard.

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