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Six Kinds of Women to Avoid This Year

3 — The Material Girl

This lady sees you as her personal bank account. She will check out your car, your career ladder and your bank account to assess if you will be able to sustain her lavish lifestyle. This is the kind of girl if given something sentimental or a gift that does not cost much but reminds you of a special time together will just give you a blank look or turn her nose up at the gift. She prefers that you would have bought her a diamond necklace. She is always dressed in the finest clothing and looks gorgeous, the material girl will flaunt the fact that she likes to take care of herself. But it will be your money that she will be using to do so. She is very insecure when in the company of other accomplished ladies. When she wants to get into clubs she will pop open a button on her cleavage-exposing top. If you are dating this kind of a lady, by the end of the relationship you would end up broke.

2 — The Drama Queen

This is the kind of lady who wants to be the center of attention. She desperately seeks for attention by talking loudly, telling fake stories, and wears eye catching attires just to catch everyone’s attention. She may look like a beautiful twenty eight year-old but she will unfortunately behave like a fifteen year-old. This lady believes that the world revolves around her and like a child she does not understand why her needs do not come first. When anything falls short of her expectations or her wishes are ignored she will definitely create scenes. This lady will constantly tell you to look at her when talking to her as a way of affirming that she has your undivided attention. She will have no problem embarrassing when in the company of your colleagues just to catch your attention. This is the lady who will call your boss in the middle of the night, to inquire if you really were at that cocktail. Leave that ship before it sinks! It is not worth it.

1 — The Clingy Type

This breed of lady will want to spend every minute of her life with you. Apparently , she has nothing to do all day other than to concentrate her energy on you. If she loses sight of you, she becomes a nervous rack calling you every five minutes or sending unintelligent text messages.

If you are dating a lady who shows up at your apartment without any notice, waits for you outside your office or bathroom, and surprises you at the foot of your bed when you wake up, you should dump this girl. She is a needy nuisance and will adopt all your interests while abandoning all her activities just to be with you. The clingy type of a lady is a lot of work than a relationship deserves. She relies on you to entertain her because she basically does not have a life of her own. If you are currently dating such a lady please run away because by the end of the relationship you will be feeling exhausted and extremely suffocated.

While there are exceptions to the personality types discussed here, these ladies will present a difficult road ahead. Avoiding ladies who possess these traits may make things easier. However you should keep an open mind. Your checklist must be realistic. It is important to take your time with any lady before you get serious. I wish you a reflective 2015!

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