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Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Sex Life

10 — Plank

At this one all your body muscles work and that is of course just amazing. It is a hard one, but with a bit of practice you can master it. Being fit is important in every aspect of our lives so do not give up on this one. Get in shape not only for your sex partner, but mainly for your personal pleasure.

9 — Bound Angle

Maybe it looks simple, but do not be fooled and after all the simpler the better, why not if it works wonders. It makes your groans and hips stretch and this is always useful, not only when it comes down to sex.

8 — Tree

This one is so cute it is kind a hard to believe how useful can it be for your sex life. When you are in the tree pose you are focused, you slow life down a little and relax, breathe and again, focus. And we all know what we are focusing on…

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