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Worst Kits Ever

10 — Stoke City 1997

This Stoke City kit makes it to number one. It's not as crazy colour wise as some of the others, however it's horrible. The design is awful too. The bottom of the kit is dark, and the shade of colour gets lighter as it goes up the shirt.

9 — England 1996

Definitely up there with the worst ever football kits, and probably the worst ever goalkeeper kit. This England kit was truly revolting. This was universally derided upon its launch for England's home Euro '96 campaign. I can't imagine many England fans purchased this goalkeeper kit, very poor. Not short of colours, however.

8 — Reggina 2012

This kit just makes me laugh. This shirt is very similar to the Italy shirt in 2000, it works if you're tall and have a bronzed coloured skin. Oh and if you have a six-pack! Again the shirt is creative, however it's a terrible, terrible idea.

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