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Worst Kits Ever

7 — Norwich City 1992

To be fair, it does have the Norwich colours on it. Green and Yellow, but that doesn't make the kit any nicer. It's a nice idea, however it looks like horrible and reminds me of vomit. Not a nice thought that comes into my head when I think of this shocker in 1992.

6 — Liverpool 2013

This years Liverpool kit is truly disgusting. The kit is separated into three colours, all completely unrelated by the way. Purple, Black and white. This kit design is one of the worst in Premier League history. And I can probably imagine most Liverpool fans opted to go for the home kit, when they saw this.

5 — Birmingham City 1972

I still do not have a clue what Birmingham City were thinking with this 3rd kit. It looks like something Germany would wear, awful. Did they do this to make the German players in their team feel at home? No, they didn't have any Germans.

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