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Worst Kits Ever

4 — Athletic Bilbao 2004

This has to be one of the worst kits ever seen is Spanish football. The kit looks like someone has squirted Tomato Ketchup all over their kit. Definitely one to forgot for Athletic Bilbao fans. Top marks for being creative, however I don't think anyone enjoyed wearing the shirt.

3 — Manchester United 1992

This shirt is a mess, really poor kit. The shirt couldn't be more 90's if it tried. The colour is light blue with dark blue patches all over, and to make things even worse, it has a big Manchester United badge on the shirt. I think all United fans would rather just forget about this kit.

2 — Hull City 1992

A small portion of the Hull fans actually liked this kit, which is really hard to understand. The Hull City tigers really did want to look like tigers, didn't they? Disgusting kit, and i'm sure most Hull fans would agree.

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