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Outdoor Exercises to help you Lose Weight

8 — Roller Skating

Disco roller rinks are sure fun, but why not stepping outside and enjoy your workout in the sun. This is sure a type of workout that is so fun you will soon forget you are working out, and when having all this fun you will burn about 400 calories per hour.

7 — Team Sports

If you are a competitive person, team sports are great for you, because not only you will lose weight but also learn how to work in a team. Most cities have leagues that everyone can join, most common choices are football and basketball, but some others like baseball or hockey can be fun too.

6 — Gardening

According to the American Council on Exercise, gardening burns around 300 calories an hour. So ask your parents if you can get more involved in your home garden and enjoy planting you favorite vegetables and plants, and at the same time lose some some weight.

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