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Outdoor Exercises to help you Lose Weight

5 — Yard Work

Not only you will please your parents when you will volunteer do to some yard work like mowing the grass, raking, sweeping the driveway, you will also lose much more calories than you can possibly imagine. And in winter grab a shovel to remove some snow, well that will be the ultimate workout.

4 — Walking

Instead of riding a car for every little chore you have, try walking to your nearest grocery, or go for walk in the woods instead of driving to the city to buy a new pair of shoes. And if you go anyway, instead of elevator try using regular steps. Believe me your body will be grateful. Walking is also great for beginners.

3 — Outdoor Yoga

Yoga groups have meetings in almost every park in big cities, so if you live in a trendy area, you would most definitely find one in your town too. Why would you do the relaxation only between four walls if you can get it done in the nature?

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