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Top Workouts for Perfect Abs

10 — The Plank

Get in prone position and hold your body on your elbows. Hold yourself for as much time as you can. You can also go for side plank while using one elbow and switching the directions in order to touch the both the obliques. When you are well versed with this exercise then you should opt for loaded dumbbells. Keep dumbbell in one of your hands, try to bring it on your hip; now push your body upward while keeping the dumbbell on your hip. Hold on till the time you can. Repeat the process with other side.

9 — Side Jackknifes

Lie on the right direction while placing the left leg above the right leg. Now, comfortably keep the right hand on an easy place while clasping the left hand from the back of the head.

Bring the left leg as well as torso towards each other while pulling with obliques. Constrict for a second and then get back to the earlier position.

8 — Kettlebell Windmills

Quite similar like Russian Twist; keep rotating the wrist, while holding the kettlebell over your head. Now, bend through the hip on a side with another hand in downward position, and keep leaning until your hand touches the surface. All the time, kettleball should be on overhead position and write rotating. Now, repeat the process with reverse motion.

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