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Top Workouts for Perfect Abs

7 — Gorilla Chin/Crunch

It’s quite alike to another abs exercise – Hanging Leg Raise with a minute difference. Grip the chin up bar while holding underhand, bend both the knees making an angle of 90 degree and pull the body upwards; keep crunching and try to get your nose as high as bar.

6 — Hanging Leg Raises

Hang on a chin up bar; try to make a 90 degree angle while raising the legs and torso. It’s a great workout for the betterment of your abs.

5 — Press Sit-up

Keeping a barbell on the chest, lie on an abdominal bench. Place both the legs on the extensions. Stiffen the abdominal as well as glutes while inhaling. Now while exhaling, do curl the torso and push the barbell until it comes to your overhead. Gradually come to the original position.

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