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Top Workouts for Perfect Abs

4 — Exercise Ball Pull-in

It needs balance. Balance yourself on an exercise ball – put hands on surface, apart and the lower shins on the ball. Now, try to bring the knees close to the chest; given that, the back remains straight. And then regain the original position.

3 — Cable Crunches

Get into your knees under a special arrangement of a rope attached with a high pulley. Grip the rope and try to pull it down till the hands won’t reach up to your face.

Contract your hips a bit and let the weight shift to your lower back. Keep the hips still; flex your waist while contracting the abs in order to move your elbows directing towards the middle portion of your thighs. Exhale during the workout and hold this position for a while. Now, slowly get back to earlier position while inhaling.

2 — Barbell Ab Rollouts

Put a barbell having plates weighing from 5 to 10 pounds, hold it with your hands (keep both the shoulders apart) and stay in kneeling position. Now, gradually roll the barbell in forward direction until your body becomes straight. Hold yourself and get back to previous position while breathing out.

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