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Simple Floor Exercises for Men

5 — The Pushup Plank

First of all, I recommend that this be the last exercise in your routine due to the effectiveness of it. This one will have your entire upper body feeling the burn. Start in the pushup position and lift your body off the floor with your toes and hands. Keep your entire body perfectly straight without arching your back and hold that position for 60 seconds, then slowly release back down to the floor. If the exercise becomes too easy for you to do, lift one leg a few inches off the ground and alternate legs with each rep.

4 — The Box Squat

You will need a box or something similar for this exercise. Standing in front of your chosen object you are going to squat down as if you were sitting in a chair. Lower your body slowly downward and just slightly backward until you feel your butt touch the box. Lift back up slowly and repeat the process. This technique will target both your glutes and hamstrings. When the exercise becomes too easy for you to do, you can get a box that is lower to the ground for a better workout. The real beauty of this exercise is that it is gentler on your knees than the standard squat.

3 — V-Sit Hold

For this exercise you’ll begin in a sitting position and using your abdominal muscles, lift your legs about 45 degrees off of the floor. Once you’ve raised your legs reach forward with both of your arms toward your shins. Hold this position for as long as you can, then slowly return to the starting position. The stronger you get, the longer you’ll be able to hold it. For an added challenge, when releasing the V-sit, stop just before you reach the floor and hold that position for a few seconds. This exercise will strengthen your spine and you will gain more balance also.

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