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Great Exercises for a Great Looking Butt

7 — Bike Pedal

While laying on your back, support your head with your hands and lift your legs, pulling your knees to your chest one at a time as if you were riding a bike. Keep moving, with one knee up to your chest at all times as you alternate. This is a great routine that really tones the muscles and strengthens many target areas of the butt and back!

6 — Deep Lunge

Extending the normal lunge move into a deeper stretch this move strengthens and tones all areas of the butt as well as the thighs and back, which helps to support and keep the butt area toned and looking great. You will the effects and see the results with a toned and firm butt!

5 — Butt Lifts

Whether done on the floor or with a yoga or exercise ball, this simple exercise move targets the butt and helps build muscle and tone and is a very effective fat burning routine! Your comfort level and ability gauge how extreme this exercise can become and whether you use a yoga ball, the wall, weights, or other accessories.

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