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Great Exercises for a Great Looking Butt

4 — Squats

One of the oldest forms of butt toning exercises, the squat is still a staple in many people's exercise routines. Targeting the butt, back, and legs it is a great multi-target exercise. Only a few reps are needed before you feel the effects and you can see results very quickly!

3 — Hip Extension

This exercise is done standing and involves lifting your leg either in front of you or behind you as far as you can. Sets and reps can easily be added into your normal routine and before you know it your butt is firmer and better looking than ever!

2 — Toe Tap

This toe-tap exercise seems simple enough- bend your legs and tap your toes on the ground, but be prepared for some major butt workout! It can also help target the back area, which also helps improve your butt’s tone. This is a great beginners exercise and is easy to build up from as you get stronger.

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