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Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season

7 — Go to Bed Earlier and Get More Sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep and obesity correlate? The reason you’re gaining weight could be because you are sleep deprived. Go get some sleep! If you sleep, you are less likely to gain weight. If you get more sleep, your metabolism is quicker. And with a faster metabolism, you lose food weight easily instead of your body storing it all. Plus, it’ll feel great to have enough sleep. You’ll have lots of energy and you will not feel so cranky!

6 — Take Small Portions

Oh my gosh. That piece of steak looks really great. You want to eat the whole entire thing. But no! You can’t eat that whole thing. That is going to make you fatter! You may eat it though. Just do not eat too much of it. Have small portions of the foods that you want to eat and it should not do you much harm.

5 — Ditch the Sugar

Stop with the cookies. Stop with the cake. Stop with all the sweets. You can live without them for a few months. These are what make people get a little bigger during the holidays- the desserts! Yeah, they are really difficult to pass up, but I’m sure you can do it. Maybe you can have a little bite, but that’s all. Sugar makes you fat. You do not want to be fat. Ditch the sugar! Ditch it!

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