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Exercises That'll Remove Extra Arm Fat

7 — T-Pushup

The pushups are quite common for us, aren’t they? Hang on! This one’s not your usual push up. It’s a T-pushup. So from initial position, get into a typical push up position. After you push up, move your body rightwards with your right-arm (as shown) pointing to roof. Alongside, also move your right foot to squarely top on the left one. All this while your body rests on your left arm alone. Call it one rep. Do 5-6 such repetitions facing adjacently each time.

6 — Crescent Lunges

This is part triceps kick back and part pike walk! Well, that how at least I read it as to simplify things! From the starting position (straight, perpendicular to ground, hands lowered), hold one of the dumbbells in your hand (say, right). Then, move your left knee forward until it that knee is at right-angle to ground. Third move is to take your left arm sideways parallel to ground. All this while allow your right-hand holding the dumbbell to fall naturally, perpendicularly to ground. Then life the right hand up so that the upper portion of your arm, above elbow is parallel to ground. That is one cycle. Repeat 5-6 times with each arm + knee combination.

5 — Airplane Extension

This is a quite cool in that it is both an exercise to your core and arms. It’s darn simple as well! Lie face down on floor and extend your arms putting your palms on the ground. Maintain erect posture. In the second move, life your arms, legs and chest off the floor and balance for 3-4 seconds. Thirdly, bring your arms right ahead of your head and call it one full cycle. Do 5-6 such repetitions. The more the better!

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