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Best Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Boyfriend

8 — Watch the Sunset

This is a great and romantic moment for the both of you to enjoy. Give him a hug and rest your head on his shoulder like in this beautiful and sweet photo above. Ask him to keep you warm when it gets cold out and say you want to watch the, wait didn’t I mention this before--the stars come up! Such a romantic and naturally beautiful thing that happens every night! Make it a weekly thing and enjoy the comfort of your man and the sights of a beautiful sunset.

7 — Bonfire with Him or Friends

This is a great idea if you want to socialize with your friends AND enjoy a nice time with your boy! Having a bonfire with a great group of friends together is a great time to talk and laugh together. Ask him to make you some smores and make fun of him for making you a sandwich! Just kidding, don’t do that he may eat it himself.

6 — Baseball Game

Spend some time with him at his favorite baseball team’s home game! Whether that be major league or minor league, just being there at one of his favorite sporting events is something all guys want to experience! Heck, hit up a little league game and just watch the young athletes do there stuff. If baseball isn’t his favorite thing to watch, then there are other options like football games, or soccer that you could watch together! Don’t forget the peanuts!

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